The Story

Puggle and Squib Wildflowers is the result of my love affair with Australian and South African wildflowers. After years in the flower industry, it’s become clear to me that my passion lies with the incredibly unique and beautiful flora of those two countries.

The versatility and visual impact of these flowers cannot be understated. Whether it’s a single stem in a jam jar or an enormous construct of wild branches floating in a ceiling, wildflowers bring life and the beauty of nature into any space. Nothing makes me happier than creating bespoke arrangements with these beautiful materials.

There’s a strong environmental conscience that runs through everything that happens at Puggle and Squib Wildflowers. All the flowers I use are grown in Australia, with as much as possible coming from the farming areas surrounding Sydney. I do not use floral foam in any of my work, and I’m committed to the recycling of waste and water, where possible.

Over the past five years I have worked on a native flower farm, at the Sydney Flower Markets and with some of the best florists in Sydney. I am proud to now have my own business dedicated to sharing the most unusual and beautiful flowers our country has to offer.

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Floral Designer and Owner

Puggle and Squib Wildflowers

Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability means creating something in a way which doesn’t take away from our future capacity to create that thing again. At Puggle and Squib this manifests in selecting locally sourced flowers, reusing and recycling water, composting green waste, recycling cardboard packaging and using zero floral foam in our work. We keep leftover flowers and dry them, for later use in everlasting arrangements. We also try to donate leftover flowers when possible, to local nursing homes and aged care facilities.

We are a proud Less Stuff, More Meaning ambassador. Check out their website to download their ‘Mindfully Wed E-Guide’.